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The Promontory of Portofino, the most northern protected coastal area of the western Mediterranean Sea, shows views and landscapes among the most famous in the world.

Formed by giant conglomerate deposits overlying limestone banks, it has geomorphologic and microclimatic features creating, in a limited territory, very different environments.

Within short distances, we can move from the cool forests of the northern mountainside to sunny cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean world, from the civilization of the chestnut to that of the olive tree, from the peasant traditions to the sea and the fishing industry.

It has been a protected area since 1935 and hosts one of the largest concentrations of flora of the Mediterranean area, a large variety of birds and invertebrate as well as important historical and architectural treasures.

A network of over 80 km of trails encourages walks of different lenghts and difficulty, with the opportunity of enjoying the characteristics of the entire zone.